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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers.

1. How do I place an order?
You can place an order via WhatsApp or Email in plain text. If you prefer you can download our order form on our website Home Page or you can download it here directly. Once we have received your order we will send an invoice with our banking details on.

2. How long does it take to complete a order for your own brand?
This will depend on what type of label printing or boxes, if any, you require. A simple unbranded order with no boxes or labeling will be ready the day after we receive payment, if all the fragrances you ordered are in stock. If all the fragrances are not in stock it will be an extra day before your order can be sent to enbable us to get the fragrances thats out of stock for your order.

3. How long does the courier take to deliver the order?
We have several courier options available. Each courier has its own time in which they deliver a parcel. It will generally take between 3 - 7 days for your order to be delivered after it leaves us. The courier will deliver your order to your home or work address. The time the courier takes to deliver your order is beyond our control. Please do not include national holidays or weekends on which your order will be delivered.

4. Do you deliver to other provinces and to the rest of South Africa?
We are Cape Town based and deliver to all areas in South Africa via courier including Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Gauteng, Free State, North West, Limpopo and the Western Cape. Courier charges will be minimum R50.00 for a small order like testers and R100 minimum for a small order of R780. For larger orders we will quote on courier charges once we receive your order.

5. Can I choose my own fragrances for my order?
You may choose your own fragrances when you order a starter kit or stock. If you do not choose your own fragrances, we will select for you and send our best sellers. Please see the blog post for our best sellers if you need more information about this.

6. Can I choose my own fragrances for my order if its a Promotion or Special?
One of the terms and conditions on our specials and promotions or starter kits are that customers can only choose from our in stock list. This in stock list changes daily based on what other customers order from us on any given day. If you place a normal order that is not part of a promotion or sale we will make sure that all the fragrances in your order are in stock by the time your order has to leave.

7. Can I get my own label with a starter kit?
We do not supply your own labels with starter kits. Only orders of R1820 and more will receive free digitally printed labels. Starter kits are normanlly sent either with our label or with no label.

8. Can I mix my order to consist of both 30% and 17% oil perfumes?
Yes you may have a combination of both %'s in your order, we will supply your order in any % up to and including 100% according to your requirements.

9. How long does the perfumes last on the user?
This is completely dependent on the individual skin type of the user along with the individual fragrance and the % perfume oil in the bottle. Please see our blog post What's the difference between 30% and 17% perfume for more details on this.

10. How much does it cost to start your own perfume brand?
Please see our blog post How to Start your own Perfume Brand for more details on this.

11. How do I start or place an order?
You may simply send us your order via WhatsApp or email along with your delivery address and name. You will normally only do this after you have requested and received our Information Catalogue and Pricelist.

12. How much is it to join?
We do not charge a joining fee. We are simply a wholesaler who provide the services and products needed to start a fragrance line and perfume business.

13. How long does printing take for labels and boxes?
Digitally printed labels are +-3 days to have the label printed and sent to us as we outsource this. All other types of box or label printing is +-2 weeks before we receive the complete printed product. Your order can only leave once we have received all the elements to complete and pack your order.

14. How long does it take to send out an order after payment?
If your order includes custom labels and boxes it will be +-2 weeks before we can send your order out. If your order includes plain white boxes and digitally printed labels it will be 3 days before we can send your order out. If your order consists of perfumes only with no boxes and no labels it can leave the day after we receive payment.

15. How much does it cost to do your own label?
We do not charge for digitally printed labels, the digitally printed label comes free with every order that qualifies for it. All other types of label printing or direct printing, excluding digitally printed labels, will be charged to the customers account if its part of the customers order.

16. How will I know what fragrances are in the bottles if it is unlabeled?
Unlabeled does not mean that you wont be able to identify the fragrance in the bottle. Unlabeled in this instance means it won't have our logo or your logo, in other words, unbranded. Each perfume bottle comes with a seperate label on the back or bottom of the individual bottle stating what fragrance is contained within the bottle. The only instance a perfume will be sent without this label is when a customer only purchased for example 50 x 50ml perfumes and all 50 x 50ml contain the exact same fragrance. In this instance all 50 bottles will have the exact same fragrance contained in it and the need for a seperate label is unecessary.

17. Are the bottles you sell filled with perfume or are they empty?
We only sell bottles filled with perfume. We are a perfume wholesaler, we are not a bottle wholesaler. The prices listed on our catalogues or on any of the promos and sales you see is for bottles filled with perfume. The only bottles we do sell empty is the Alabaster, the Ebony bottle and the Valentino bottle. The prices for these empty bottles you will find on our Perfume Bottle Shop page on our website.

18. Do you sell empty bottles ?
As a rule we do not sell empty bottles, however due to customer demand, the only bottles we do sell empty are the Alabaster bottle and the Ebony bottle. The prices for these empty bottles you will find on our Perfume Bottle Shop page on our website or on a seperate section or our pricelist PDF.

19. Can I have your bank details?
Once we receive your order we will send an invoice with our banking details on. On the invoice in red text are instructions to pay the invoice using the name of the person or company the invoice has been made out too as a reference.

20. Do I have to pay for courier?
Courier charges are always for the customers account unless we are running a Free Courier Promotion. All the prices for products on our catalogue do not include courier charges. We will qoute you on courier charges once you send us your order and delivery address.

21. Do I have to provide my own logo?
You do have to provide your own logo, preferably on a PDF document. If you do not have a logo we have a list of pre designed logos that you can select from at the following blog post Perfume Labels and Logos to choose from.

22. If I place an order of R1820 that consists of other products like body lotion and shower gel but does not include perfume can I still get the free digitally printed label?
Unfortunately not, free digitally printed labels only apply to perfume orders of R1820 and more. You can however add for example 10 lotions and 10 car perfumes to your perfume order and we will label the lotions and car perfumes with your label as well.

23. Do you mix my own unique fragrance?
Unfortunately not, we only have existing fragrances available. There is companies who do offer your own unique fragrances but we do not offer that service.

24. May I order perfume boxes only?
Unfortunately not, we only supply custom perfume boxes and white unbranded perfume boxes to customers who purchase perfume from us.

25. If I place an order of 12 x 50ml perfume must all 12 be the same fragrance or can I order 12 differerent fragrances?
You may order 12 differrent fragrances or 1 fragrance for all 12. The same applies for any amount of perfume you order. If you purchase 100 x 50ml then all 100 can be 100 different fragrances.

26. Where are you based?
We are based in the Western Cape on the West Coast

27. Can I send my own courier for pickup?
You are also welcome to send your own courier for pickup.

28. Do you have a shop I can visit?
We do not have brick-and-mortar shop, we are an online wholesale store, specialising in a wide range of perfumes, fragrance oils, label printing, box printing and related products.

29. Can I make an appointment for a face to face consultation?
Yes, you may make an appointment for a meeting. Please let us know the date and time that suits you and we will accommodate you. In your appointment request, please note the type of fragrances, boxes, labels, etc that you would like to see or test.

30. Do you accept a deposit on an order or must the full amount be paid?
We do not accept part payment on any orders. We will only start working on your order once we have received full payment.

31. Is there a minimum amount I have to purchase for to get Wholesale/Bulk Prices?
You need to purchase stock to the value of R780 or more to qualify for bulk prices.

32. Is there a minimum amount I have to buy for to get Wholesale/Bulk Prices and my own digitally printed label?
You need to place an order of R1820 for your own labels first order only. After your first order of R1820, minimum orders will revert back to R780 as we will have your label/logo in stock. Please note that minimum order quantities should not include the cost of any testers or courier charges in your order.

33. If I dont order the minimum amount of R780 to get Wholesale/Bulk Prices can I still buy 1 or 2 perfumes?
Yes you may purchase 1 or 2 perfume but we will invoice you retail selling prices and not wholesale prices for your order.

34. I don’t have a logo, can you design a logo for me?
We do not offer a logo designing service, we only work with your existing logo, preferably on a PDF. If you do not have a logo we can print your business name in plain text in your chosen font on your label.

Please contact us if you require more information on how to become an agent.

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