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When To Wear Your Favourite Perfume.

Have you ever wondered which perfume is suitable for a specific time of day or occasion. We have taken taken the guess work out of deciding which perfume to where when.

For Women
During the day.
SL01, SL03, SL11, SL14, SL17, SL21, SL25, SL29

Any time of the day.
SL02, SL03, SL15, SL32, SL38, SL42, SL12, SL42,

Office Wear.
SL03, SL07, SL12, SL13, SL15, SL16 SL21, SL65, SL69, SL80

Daily use.
SL02, SL04, SL08, SL09, SL12, SL13, SL16, SL18, SL19, SL25, SL30, SL34, SL35, SL39, SL44, SL50

Evening Wear.
SL04, SL05, SL06, SL08, SL09, SL10, SL17, SL20, SL28, SL31, SL32, SL33, SL41, SL40, SL41

Special occasions, romantic wear.
SL01, SL09, SL10, SL11, SL14, SL20, SL52, SL54 SL61, SL69

Casual Wear.
SL01, SL03, SL11, SL13, SL21, SL25, SL29, SL30, SL50

For Men
During the day.
SM41, SM39, SM10

Anytime of the day.
SM41, SM39, SM10

Office Wear.
SM41, SM39, SM10, SM11, SM12, SM15, SM18

Daily use, any time of the day.
SM01, SM08, SM12, SM14, SM20, SM22

Evening Wear.
SM01, SM02, SM03, SM04, SMO5, SM06, SM13, SM37

Special occasions, romantic wear.
SM01, SM02, SM03, SM04, SMO5, SM06, SM37

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