Perfume Guide

Select the perfect scent to suite the occasion, your personality or mood. Go on...reveal your perfume personality...

Floral Fragrances - Feminine, Romantic, Love, Girly
SL01, SL05, SL06, SL04, SL07, SL08, SL19, SL20, SL16, SL34, SL37, SL39,SL41, SL42, SL47, SL52

Fruity Fragrances - Spicy, Fresh
SL03, SL01, SL04, SL07, SM01

Citrus Fragrances - Energetic, Lively
SL03, SM05, SM07, SM12, SL45, SL52, SM01, SM11, SM,25 SM26

Oceanic Fragrances - Crisp, Fresh, Natural
SL02, SL14, SL16, SL48, SM07, SM08

Green Fragrances - Fresh, Energetic, Outdoors, Natural
SL07, SM15, SM24

Oriental Fragrances - Exotic, Intense, Dramatic, Mysterious
SL08, SL09, SL10, SL12, SL17, SL18, SL25, SL30, SL31, SL33, SL40, SL44, SM02, SM03, SM04, SM05, SM06

Spicy Fragrances - Alluring, Natural
SL09, SM04, SM06

Woody Fragrances - Sensual, Intense, Classic
SL01, SL05, SL16, SL32, SL34, SM02, SM03, SM04, SM05, SM06, SM12, SM24

Everyone knows the perfect perfume wardrobe should ideally include a variety of perfume for different occasions.

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