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Manufacturers and suppliers of mens and ladies oil based perfumes.

Direct Perfume Marketing.

Silhouette Scents is a direct sales company offering individuals and entrepreneurs a range of exceptional, high quality perfume and perfume products at wholesale prices. We are a leading fragrance oil supplier distributing our perfume and perfume products through a network of agents, distributors, small businesses and entrepreneurs. We sell perfumes by catalogue which can also be a personalised catalogue for our private label customers. We are the prefered original perfume wholesalers in South Africa

Silhouette Scents - Unnecessarily well made...

Among a plethora of poorly presented perfume interpretations in the market we are a welcome difference by paying attention to how our product presents itself which means you can proudly give our perfume away as a gift to your friends or loved ones or to treat yourself. We offer perfumes in attractive packaging which is more likely to sell compared to a product where no effort has been made regarding presentation. This in turn will result in higher sales. All our perfume and perfume products have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Quick Start Starter Kit Option (Optional).

  • To start you on the road to success we offer a "Quick Start" Starter Kit consisting of 10 x 5ml testers of your choice and 1 x 50ml Mens or Ladies perfume for R220.00. We will advise on which testers are the best selling to fast track your sales. Most of our independent agents and distributors started with the "Quick Start" Kit and therafter add the rest to their kit. The Quick Start Kit is more than adequate to get you started and generate income to expand your stock.

  • Quality Guarantee

    Please contact us if you require more information on how to become a agent.

    Please Download our current catalogue and fragrance list in PDF format or email us for more detailed info on our products.